Consuming better is MARIGOLD's first objective, that is to say changing our fashion habits to improve our daily lives but above all the future of our planet.

This is why we work hard to use eco-responsible materials as much as possible while remaining fashionable with good quality clothing. We are committed to an approach that, in our view, promotes good values, with sustainable, environmentally friendly and locally made clothing.

Here are some of the materials we use;

To begin with, tencel or lyocell is a fiber directly extracted from bamboo or eucalyptus wood pulp, it undergoes a non-toxic treatment which makes its production eco-responsible. Breathable and resistant, this makes it a fabric very similar to silk. Tencel holds another secret, in its manufacture less water is used and produces 10 times more material than cotton. Not bad is not it ? An irreproachable and environmentally friendly fiber that makes your clothes silky, like our Laïla dress.

Then we have the fibers of Cupro, which are taken thanks to the residues of cotton linter. They undergo a chemical treatment which allows them to be transformed into yarn. Of course, it is an artificial material that is not made from petroleum products. What could be better than having a fabric derived from vegetable matter and completely biodegradable. Its soft and sparkling appearance will be very good for flowing clothes like our Noémie dresses, our Magnolia tops or our Zoé shorts.

We also mostly use cotton. But do you know the differences between conventional cotton and organic cotton ? Well, organic cotton is grown without chemical pesticides, without GMOs and consumes very little water compared to conventional cotton, which has a strong impact on our environment. What we see is that organic cotton is respectful of the environment but also of the health of those who grow it. But that's not all, thanks to this cotton the clothes allow a softer touch and will therefore be more pleasant when worn. A daily ideal. That's why our Orlanda dresses are part of our summer essentials, for its comfort and its casual chic look!

We also have rayon also called viscose which itself can be called artificial silk, it is a product created artificially, as its name suggests, from wood pulp, generally pine, spruce or hemlock and cotton linters . What we can say about this artificial silk is that it looks like cotton, but depending on how it is made, it can have many qualities. An advantage ? No, viscose has several! It mixes very well with other fibers. Breathable, excellent color retention, it is highly absorbent, does not felt, it is soft, creases but comfortable, inexpensive and above all… does not pill! This makes it a unique material, which can be found in our Pablo pants and our Mary dresses!

In addition, our Mary dresses are also made from rayon from bamboo. The bamboo plant does not necessarily require maintenance to be grown, considered a weed because it spreads everywhere, bamboo still contains virtues! It is hypoallergenic, has an antibacterial aspect, has protection against UV rays and it is silky.
There are two ways for bamboo to become fabric. First by a mechanical method equivalent to that which is used to manufacture linen, or by a chemical process which will produce a rayon fiber made from bamboo pulp. And hop ! That's it ! The fabric will be even softer than cotton and more absorbent!
Do not forget that bamboo is 100% biodegradable, and that it does not need a large quantity of water as for cotton crops for example. Our garments made from rayon from bamboo are always ultra comfortable to wear, as it has a natural stretch that makes it much more comfortable than fabrics made with synthetic fibers. And therefore, will allow the fabric to be more durable .
Rayon from bamboo has other benefits, indeed it is able to regulate itself according to the seasons, it is a fabric that adapts easily, so that the people who wear these garments can feel cool in the summer and warm in winter . It's a must-have in the wardrobe all year round!
Thanks to these many positive features for the skin, bamboo is an essential for underwear, that's why we have made panties for you! You can find the Classic, La Sporty and La Séduisante model, 3 different cuts but which guarantee you optimal comfort. And soon, you will be able to find our bras! You can also discover our Romy jumpsuits, and our Giselle skirts!

We also find linen in our materials, it is a natural textile fiber, it is finer and more resistant than cotton, and therefore more durable.
It is a material that is naturally ecological, it does not need water, only rainwater is enough for it and no need for chemical substances! Its hollow fiber gives it a refreshing and breathable effect, which explains why linen is particularly appreciated in summer, like our Noémie dress in cupro and linen which is very light. But that's not all, linen also adapts very well to winter and can even keep you warmer than some fabrics.
Do not panic sensitive skin! Linen is antiallergic and antibacterial and therefore adjusts to your skin. In addition to that, it is an easy-care material, only qualities for linen!

We also have Oeko Tex certified fabrics, such as our cottons or the polyester on which we print our patterns, previously designed in-house.
An Oeko Tex certified fabric allows consumers and professionals in the textile chain to buy fabrics without toxic substances for health and the environment. The Oeko Tex certification concerns the mode of production, that is to say how the textile was recycled, the making of the yarn, the manufacturing process carried out on the fabric, the packaging of the product.
And polyester still has some qualities. Although very present in the textile industry, it is a material appreciated for its elasticity, its resistance and its protection against UV. It is a very easy to maintain material, polyester is also very often treated against bacteria and mold. Thanks to these treatments, it will guarantee a certain longevity and a lasting quality. You can opt for a set that includes the Elle jacket and the Oscar pants, mainly made with this material. But also our Lona dress or even our Nelly tops.

For the winter we use cashmere . Who wouldn't like to have a beautiful cashmere coat in their wardrobe, which will be both soft and warm? This wool made from cashmere goats and pashmina goats is a natural fiber known for its extremely soft feel and insulating properties. To the touch, cashmere almost feels like silk! But this one is clearly warmer and even lighter than sheep's wool. If you want to get very good quality cashmere, most of them are made by combing. Adopt our Eva wool and cashmere coats to spend a warm winter!

Now you know all the secrets of our eco-responsible materials! We choose these authentic and natural fibers as much as possible to produce our clothes. This is why we can offer you clothes with a minimum environmental impact, and then we can offer you quality clothes that are durable over time.

Written by Jorane for MARIGOLD

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