Designer and Founder

Working in the fashion industry for seven years, Marilyne Baril worked for large and small Quebec fashion companies before launching MARIGOLD by Marilyne Baril, her own company, in 2014. Her determination, creativity and attention to detail make it possible to win several scholarships and awards of excellence, including the ARIANE emerging designer of the year 2016 award.

Fashion made locally and respectful of its environment

At MARIGOLD we are committed to designing clothes with respect for each of its actors. Our suppliers and subcontractors are chosen with care. We focus on the origin of our raw materials. And our manufacturers are fine experts in their field, working in Montreal itself. It is a great pride for the entire MARIGOLD team that all clothing is designed and manufactured in Quebec. Producing locally allows us to support ethical and fair practices; and in this way to minimize the environmental impact, a priority for us. In this sense we encourage "slow fashion", advocating quality rather than quantity.

transparent fashion

Our approach also involves the transparency of our manufacturing stages and our prices. Now all our clothes come with an additional label that we have called “PRICE TRANSPARENCY”, each expense for making a garment is listed and annotated to understand its final price. We really want to highlight each participating craftsman to offer you a quality garment.

Socially engaged fashion

Since January 2019, Marigold has partnered with Le Book Humanitaire by donating $1 to each item of clothing sold. Le Book Humanitaire is a non-profit foundation that helps people in need and acts mainly for emergencies. The Humanitarian Book gives the chance to all those who wish to help their neighbors, everyone is encouraged to carry out their good deed, to date the foundation has listed more than 40,000 good deeds. The Humanitarian Book contributes to a better world, and everyone can be part of it, starting by choosing a

eco-responsible and supportive clothing.