Last year we launched our line of bamboo panties, which was a great success. Today the line is completed with the bralettes. It is therefore now possible to afford the bottom and the top for ultimate comfort even under our clothes.


MARIGOLD underwear is made from the bamboo plant. This plant does not necessarily require a lot of maintenance to grow, in fact it is considered a weed because it spreads everywhere. Bamboo still contains virtues. It is hypoallergenic, has an antibacterial aspect, has protection against UV rays and it is silky. Not to mention that it is 100% biodegradable.

Our bamboo rayon underwear is comfortable to wear, as it has a natural stretch that makes it much more comfortable than fabrics made with synthetic fibers. And therefore, will allow the fabric to be more durable. Rayon from bamboo has other benefits as well; it is able to regulate itself according to the seasons, it is a fabric that adapts easily, so that the people who wear these clothes can feel cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It's a must-have for our wardrobes all year round.


And of course our production is local, our bralettes are graded by Marcel, cut by Luigi and sewn by Laura, all in Montreal. Our production steps and costs are transparent. A single bralette costs us: $4.50 for the material (includes the elastic and the fabric, they are fully lined), $2 for the gradation, $2 for the cut, $9.50 for the making , $1 for the staple that comes from the United States, $2 for the size labels and the composition labels printed in Quebec. So they are sold for $42. A very advantageous price since it aligns with the price of a bamboo bralette produced in Asia. However, our profit margin is lower with local production but our ecological footprint is much better, as well as the working conditions of our partners.


Our panties are available in 3 models: La Classique, La Sporty and La Séduisante, different cuts that guarantee, each on their own scale, optimal comfort. They are available in 2 colors: black and beige. As for our bralette, it is a unique model designed and revised for the greatest number of us. It is available in black, beige and in plaid or leopard print, and of course they match perfectly with our briefs!

To (re) discover the collection, it's here: underwear collection

July 29, 2021 — Fanny Olivier

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