Marigold is not only clothing, it is also respect for its environment and its actors for its manufacture. Then it is a local production that supports ethical and fair practices. In addition to encouraging "slow fashion", advocating quality rather than quantity, Marigold wanted, in her own way and on her own scale, to help people in need. It is for this reason that since January 2019, Marigold has partnered with the Humanitarian Book by paying $1 for each item of clothing sold.

Le Book Humanitaire is a non-profit foundation that helps people in need and acts mainly for emergencies. The Humanitarian Book gives the chance to all those who wish to help their neighbors, everyone is encouraged to carry out their good deed, to date the foundation has listed more than 40,000 good deeds. The Humanitarian Book contributes to a better world, and everyone can be part of it, starting by choosing eco-responsible and supportive clothing.

Marigold is both proud to offer you clothing made here and responsible clothing. From now on, 1 item of clothing = 1 donation! Do your good deed.

We would like to thank Rachel Lapierre, president of Le Book Humanitaire, for welcoming us and encouraging us for this mutual aid project.
You can find all the information about the Humanitarian Book by following this link:

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