Style and comfort: how to strike the perfect balance

We are certainly not the first to tell you: the pandemic will have drastically changed the way we dress. Confined to our home, far from the gaze of others, with "grocery shopping" as the only activity on the calendar, it is normal that comfort and simplicity have taken precedence.

Telework will also have played a substantial role in this evolution of our locker room. Thanks to Zoom, you no longer need to develop complete looks! A pretty blouse and jogging pants and presto, we're ready.

As much as we're looking forward to (quietly) getting back to our old lives, the same can't be said for our pre-pandemic clothes. Not enough stretch! Too spicy! Too adjusted! On the other hand, we can also say that we suffer from acute sickness from the trio of stained sweatpants, mismatched cotton swaddle and greasy hair.

So what do we do ? How do we reconcile our style with this new need for comfort now that in-person activities are adding up? Here are our tips for solving this clothing dilemma.

  1. Choose the right fit

Everyone has their own definition of comfort, but in our case, a loose garment will always be more pleasant to put on than an ultra-fitted piece. Choose clothes with straight lines or intentionally oversized to make it look like you're hardly wearing anything.

In addition, if our morphology changes for a reason X (which is hyper human and normal!), this type of cut will adapt better to these fluctuations and will therefore maximize the life of our garment. The Janelle shirt and the Alphonse dress lend themselves perfectly to the game.

  1. Reclaim your style

Comfort isn't just a matter of fit or fabric. It's also how you feel in a given style. The confinement will have allowed us to dress for ourselves and our well-being, independently of the gaze of others.

But by dint of aligning cottons, it is very likely that we have lost our clothing identity along the way. Do not panic: it is not lost, it has simply evolved.

To reconnect with our new “we”, a Pinterest board is always a good starting point. Be sure to select images that reflect your current tastes, but also your new reality. The tight pants gave way to a looser silhouette? The Jonas pants will be your best friend. Do you love to wear dresses, but your old “corporate” you is now leaning towards a more casual look? The Solène shirt-dress is perfect.

  1. Bet on comfortable and well-cut fabrics

The ultimate secret of a comfortable garment that we can wear both at home and for an evening with our better half? A well-cut piece with pretty details, but cut in the nirvana of the down jacket: knitting. The Molly pants with their delicate front pleats and the Billy top with their structured puff sleeves are perfect examples.

At the same time, elastic waistbands are always a good idea since they allow your garment to adjust to you and not the other way around. Exactly like the Justine dress and the Dona pants .

  1. Don't forget the underwear

What good is a cloud-soft dress if your underwear feels as good as a root canal? For the ultimate in ease, it's hard to beat the fun of bralettes. The cotton and bamboo Marigold bralette is fully lined which allows you to enjoy this famous feeling of freedom while enjoying a certain support. It's called the best of both worlds!

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Joëlle Paquette for MARIGOLD

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