Next October, we will celebrate Fanny's 2nd birthday at Marigold!

Fanny joined the Marigold family on October 8, 2018 and has been indispensable ever since. Originally from Saint-Brévin-Les-Pins, a small seaside resort in France, Fanny studied fashion design in Tours, Lyon and then Paris.

During her studies, Fanny set off on a Canadian adventure for her first professional experience abroad. Thus, in 2016, she found herself doing an internship of several months at Marigold.

“We got along really well with Marilyne, we had found a real dynamic, we formed a good work team and I didn't want to leave anymore” - Fanny

Following her internship, Fanny returns to France to complete her studies in the hope of returning to Quebec. For two years Fanny and Marilyne keep in touch.

“I reminded Marilyne at the end of each email how much I was always ready to work for her. The girl a little heavy ahaha” - Fanny

Then everything fell into place, just when Fanny was finishing her end-of-study internship in Paris, Marilyne offered her a job at the start of the 2018 school year.

"It was crazy ! In 3 months everything was settled and I flew to Montreal!”-Fanny

Since then, Fanny has held the position of co-designer and communications manager. Among other things, she participates in the creation of collections by researching trends, prospecting for fabrics, creating prints, technical sketches, etc. She also assists in monitoring production and the relationship with suppliers, in addition to updating the website and social networks.

Marilyne and Fanny form a very complementary and dynamic team that makes Marigold and Quebec fashion shine.

I can't get closer to the product and the process than being at Marigold. I would say that fashion is human here, and that's what motivates me to work in Quebec.” - Fanny

After more than 7 years of life, each year brings something new for Marigold. For Fanny, the first year was the year of adaptation, the second of change with the opening of the shop and the next ones will, for sure, be the years of evolution. 

“Marilyne always has a thousand projects in mind so I'm sure we won't be bored for the next few years haha” - Fanny

The small Marigold team continues to work hard to get their message and values ​​across and promote Marigold across Quebec.

Laurence for MARIGOLD

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