This belief has reigned for far too long: in winter, either you're stylish and you're cold or you look "mean" and you're hot. Two not-so-appealing options.

Fortunately, that era is over. No need to compromise between looks and comfort. How? By indulging in the wonderful art of layering , a technique that not only keeps our warmth, but also creates more interesting sets by mixing volumes, colors and textures.

It's also a great way to remix clothes you already own with more recent pieces unearthed at, say, Marigold 😉 And precisely, the fall collection lends itself perfectly to layering . From loose to fitted silhouettes, from delicate to thicker fabrics, from classic colors to more funky: the combinations are endless!

This pleasure in experimenting for some can be a source of anxiety for others, so to make life easier for everyone, we have gathered our best tips for becoming the queen of layering, without breaking your head. Ready? Let's go.

The tank top, your new must-have

You saw it on Instagram. You saw it on the Marigold website. The tank top is EVERYWHERE. And that's good, it's the ultimate layering piece—after all, it was created to be layered over the shirts, sweaters and dresses of this world.

The Marigold version? A faux sheepskin tank top for an extra dose of softness and fun (because we're the same), but available in two classic colors, black and cream, for durability.

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Turn your blouse into a jacket

A blouse is a bit like a dress jacket: just wear it partially or completely undone over a light top, like a t-shirt or turtleneck , and you're done. If you ever have a shirt dress, know that the same rule applies. Note that this exercise is best suited to straight and loose shirts.

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The power of a turtleneck

Believe us, this stuff has saved us more than once! If you want to “winterize” (completely invented translation of the English term winterize ) a dress or a top, layer them with a turtleneck or a thin sweater with a high collar. The chances of success? About nine out of ten.

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Opt for tone on tone

A monochromatic look is beautiful and always will be. If your wardrobe allows it, in other words, if you have enough pieces of the same color, wear them all at the same time, like this khaki kit for example. This trick is also ideal for rushed mornings when "matching colors" is far from being a priority.

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Mix the textures

Conversely, layering allows you to let loose with textures and patterns. Our advice: bet on a coherent color palette to avoid it becoming too cacophonous. Example? These Molly cotton fleece pants, this Morris plaid sweater and this Carolanne faux sheepskin jacket.

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Dare to wear a jacket and casual clothes combo

Aaah, the cotton swaddle and joggers duo! Have you worn it a lot this year? We do. Give it a breath of fresh air by layering it over a loose jacket. The contrast of dressy/casual is always a winner.

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Bonus tip: how to wear palazzo pants in the winter

We associate the palazzo a lot with summer: fluid material, loose fit and beautiful sandals. Let's just say it doesn't rhyme too much with snow and freezing wind… UNLESS you wear it with tights—it's a bit like a skirt after all, isn't it?—and high boots that go up beyond the hem. Lo and behold, in three and a quarter seconds, we transformed the palazzo into a four-season essential.

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Joëlle Paquette for MARIGOLD

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