For this new year we have decided to continue, on the occasion of Black Friday, our RESPONSIBLE FRIDAY movement in favor of conscious and local consumption. As a result, 25% of sales during this day will be donated to the association Le Book Humanitaire.


More than ever, in this time of a pandemic, we must promote local purchasing today and tomorrow. We must mobilize and/or raise awareness about hyperconsumption. Black Friday represents this gear that is harmful to the environment and not always respectful of humans.
It is in this sense that we were inspired by the Green Day movement in France, whose goal is to donate 10% of purchases to associations during this day. So at MARIGOLD in Montreal we renamed Black Friday to RESPONSIBLE FRIDAY. And it is not 10 but 25% that our company will donate to the Humanitarian Book this year, a foundation with which we have been associated since January 2019. This day allows us to strengthen our attachment to an association that is close to our hearts and to collect more substantive than in normal times to act. But we don't forget our customers, and are aware that the current situation affects all of us, so they also benefit from 50 % off our old collections. We are asking consumers to invest their money for a real cause by inviting them to choose eco-responsible and supportive clothing at a very low price, also to help us sell our inventory that has been dormant since the start of the pandemic.


As a reminder, MARIGOLD, founded in 2014 by Marilyne Baril, supports fair practices, with respect for employees in the manufacturing sector and the environment. We are committed to minimizing the environmental impact by producing locally. In this sense, we encourage "slow fashion", advocating quality rather than quantity.
Maryline wants to share her passion for fashion through her brand while raising awareness. Our suppliers and subcontractors are chosen with care. Then we focus on the origin of our raw materials in order to create designer, feminine and quality clothing. It is a source of great pride for the entire MARIGOLD team that all clothing is designed and manufactured in Montreal.
The boutique-workshop is also celebrating its 1 year in November! Located in Verdun at 4841 rue Wellington, it is a space that allows you to discover our latest creations that will perfect the Montreal and eco-responsible style of the inhabitants of the city.


Concerned about making clothes the right way and helping people in need, Marilyne joined the association Le Book Humanitaire by donating $1 for each item of clothing sold.
Le Book Humanitaire is a non-profit foundation that helps people in need and acts mainly for emergencies. The Humanitarian Book gives the chance to all those who wish to help their neighbors, everyone is encouraged to carry out their good deed. The Humanitarian Book contributes to a better world, and everyone can be part of it, starting by choosing eco-responsible and supportive clothing. It is therefore not $1 per garment sold that will be given away this Friday, November 27, 2020 but 25% of the sales of this day.

Together, let's choose responsible fashion!


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