“How would you describe your style? “, a question that I have often been asked and to which I always answer: eclectic. I'm just as comfortable in baggy jeans with sneakers as I am in a dress with a big vintage fur coat and high heels. It all depends on my mood. How do I want to feel today? This is the question that dictates my choice of clothes.

In other words, you'll never hear me say "that's not me". Anything can "do me", it just depends on my state of mind: confident, romantic, insecure, feminine, androgynous, etc. And even if, sometimes, I find my style a bit disparate compared to the super edited one of some Instagrammers, that doesn't necessarily mean that I'm in the middle of a search for identity. It just means I have an eclectic style. Simple as well.

The clothes we decide to put on in the morning are a reflection of how we feel and what we want to project. It is a communication tool that we must master if we want to express ourselves well.

Whether you're looking for your clothing identity or in a period of transition, like change of job/romantic relationship/name it, here are some tips to help you find or refine your style.

  1. Inspiration mission

Nothing better than looking elsewhere for inspiration. On Pinterest or Instagram, create an album bringing together a host of looks that appeal to you, like a kind of trump card of your dream clothing aesthetic. Ended? Take a look at the kits you have selected. Do they look like you or are they the opposite of what you wear? Like art therapy, expressing yourself through a third medium is super effective in learning more about yourself.

  1. Lifestyle: be realistic

When I walk into a store, I go straight for the super extravagant stuff, from funky high heels to ultra low back dresses. I find myself beautiful in there. But the reality is that I have no occasion to wear these things. I work from home in a hoodie half the time, otherwise I'm at the gym in leggings or at a relaxed 5 to 7 bin, which doesn't require me to wear a prom dress at all. Identify your (true) needs and, above all, don't embellish your daily routine just to justify buying something you'll never wear.

  1. Keep a directory of your favorite kits

Y'know, the times you walk out the door and REALLY like your kit? Can you do me a favor and take a picture of it, please? First, little by little, you build yourself a library of fiery looks that you can refer to the next time you're late or you don't know what to wear. Secondly, it's a bit like an anthropological study of your own style: what do your favorite outfits have in common? What colors do you wear most often? Lots of observations that will help you maximize your future purchases.

  1. Clean out your wardrobe

You thought you'd get away with it, huh? And no, sorry. To see clearly, it is essential: you must first clean up. What piece is lying around in your closet that you never wear? Why? Is it too tight, the wrong color, too sexy, not enough?

Now do the same thing, but with your five favorite clothes. Why do you wear them so often? Follow your instinct: if these pieces are your favorites, your style should naturally go in this direction.

  1. Ask a friend for advice

I specify: a friend whom you trust, who is nice and who has a relatively developed sense of style. When we have our noses stuck in our business, everything ends up being muddled. Asking a friend to describe our style and to put into words the image that we project (or think of projecting) allows us to have a distance vis-à-vis our own person and to encourage a more enlightened, analytical look. and constructive towards ourselves.

  1. Create a link with your clothes

This is advice that applies to all spheres of your life: everything is richer in meaning when your actions are motivated by an intention. When I tell you to connect with your clothes, it's to choose pieces that ignite that little spark in you. For my part, I find this excitement when I find a really cool vintage dress, an accessory while traveling or a piece from a local designer that I know personally (like Marigold!). Their provenance means that I wear them not only for their looks, but also for their sentimental value. As I said earlier, our clothing is a means of expression. And this type of clothing tells a story.

  1. Remember: your style is constantly changing

Every time I feel like I'm in full control of my style, a few weeks later, the questioning begins again. And guess what? It's correct. Our life, our priorities and our tastes are changing! Our style is a work in progress, like our personality. As in everything, if you want to find, the key is to experiment. Beyond trends, we must focus on how our clothes make us feel. Example? Two years ago, wearing a jacket made me feel like I had an ultra corporate 9 to 5 job in a bank. Today? Wearing a jacket makes me feel like a boss lady. The lesson of this story: get out of your comfort zone, listen to your instincts and remember that “to change” also means “to evolve”.

By Joëlle Paquette for MARIGOLD

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