The current situation, never seen before, brings its share of questions. Faced with this, we are curious to see what will change and how will we adapt?

For entrepreneur and fashion designer Marilyne, it's fair to say that the past year has been eventful.
Indeed, one baby does not wait for the other for Marilyne who at the end of 2019 opened her first boutique-workshop and gave birth to little Oscar on March 27th. When her shop-workshop opened, Marilyne already had a small round belly and, like the shop, the belly quickly took shape.

New team member Marigold is doing great as is her mum who is still bursting with energy despite the difficult situation.
In this article Marilyne shares her experience to date as a “motherentrepreneur”.

Laurence : How are things going with the new little member MARIGOLD, baby Oscar?
Marilyne : It's going pretty well contained in the situation. Baby Oscar has been here for two weeks now and I'm adapting slowly. I adjust my schedules for a new, more reasonable schedule. In fact, it's mostly sleep that I miss so by the very fact the energy. But I have a really cute baby so it's going well.

Laurence : What are the biggest challenges you anticipate at the moment, between your newborn, the health crisis and your business?
Marilyne : The big challenges right now are mainly financial and working capital. Covid-19 arrived at the start of the new Spring Summer 2020 season. We were just starting deliveries to stores but 90% of them have so far canceled or suspended their orders because they have been forced to close.
Besides, my shop is also closed. And I find myself with all my summer inventory to store. I only have my online store left on the site for now.
The most important thing for me, so far, is to pay my seamstresses and subcontractors quickly. But of course it is a challenge given the lower incomes.

Laurence : What are your concerns about your business?
Marilyne : I'm the optimistic type and I'm very "organic" in my company's financial forecasts. However, right now I know that I am not achieving my financial goals. I will have to review my growth plans for the next year. I hope the summer will be full of life and good weather, and then people will continue to support small businesses like mine. All this in order not to have to fire my employees or worse to close my shop. The new objective is to keep the status quo.

Laurence : What changes do you anticipate in your work now that you are a mother?
Marilyne : Now that I'm a mom, I have to adjust my schedules and learn to be more efficient so as not to waste any time. I always say that MARIGOLD is my first baby because it's my passion, but I have to prioritize my real little baby. I also have to think about resting and finding a balance between work and family.

Laurence : Do you have any advice for moms who are also entrepreneurs?
Marilyne : Me give advice to moms-entrepreneurs? I rather need someone to give it to me haha

We are all affected by this crisis in different ways. Mother of her business and of little Oscar, Marilyne must now combine her professional life as well as her personal life in order to see everything flourish and achieve her goals.

A huge drop in income that affects the entire planet presents us with new challenges and asks us to reconsider our ideals.
At Marigold, we rely heavily on the collaboration of Quebecers. We have always believed in a local economy and we anticipate a positive development in this direction. Despite everything, we want to transmit a beautiful energy to our community. Which is also such a benevolent and supportive community, that we thank them wholeheartedly for giving us so much!

We are together and it is important to stick together. And that too between local designers! (#CharityMode)

Laurence for MARIGOLD

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