MARIGOLD truly adapts to your requests! 3 options are available to you for shopping:

01. The workshop-boutique

MARIGOLD's workshop turns into a boutique every Friday from noon to 5 p.m. We are delighted to welcome you and meet you every week. You can come and see the current collection, try on the clothes and find the right size. Without forgetting that Marilyne will be there to give you advice and answer your questions!

02. Personalized fittings

For a personalized fitting on the other days of the week at our workshop, we invite you to make an appointment via the setmore website, nothing could be simpler than choosing your preferred day and time, and the entire MARIGOLD team is mobilizing to receive you and advise you.

03. Shopping at your home

If you live too far away or are hesitant to buy online, MARIGOLD will come to you. It's new, it's fun and it's practical: become a brand ambassador. At a party or a happy hour, invite as many of your friends as possible for a private fitting. The team selects a large number of kits, according to your preferences and those of your friends. During this evening, discover MARIGOLD and shop at home. In addition we dress the hostess for a value of $300! When is your next special MARIGOLD girls' night out? Email us at !

We hope to see you very soon ;)

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