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With the small festive gatherings approaching, there will be many dress up opportunities. Just like the desire to buy a dress in a hurry for a dinner “because we have nothing to wear”.

Believe it or not, we're all for buying a new piece for a special occasion. Especially after senior year, the power of life's little pleasures should not be underestimated.

But (yes, there is a “but”!) we must beware of the danger that awaits us: impulse purchases. When buying last minute or looking for a piece for a very specific event, it rarely ends up being a smart purchase. More often than not, we choose a piece that we will wear for the said evening and which will never see the light of day again until its final trip to a donation center.

It happened to us. It happened to you. It's happened to everyone. But the fact remains that: 1) it's not cool for the planet 2) it's not great for our wallet 3) it's just really annoying.

So how do you buy a garment that you will want to wear often and for a long time, especially when you initially buy it for a special occasion?

I asked the Marigold team to share their favorite winter kits with me and, inspired by their answers, I concocted a list of 4 questions to ask yourself before buying a garment.

  1. Does it match clothes I already own?

The number of times I bought myself an item of clothing only to realize that I didn't have the right shoes or the right bra to wear it, it's embarrassing! And not super economical.

Before you checkout, take a moment to imagine it alongside the rest of your wardrobe. What other clothes will you wear it with? Do you have several options? The kind of questions that will make all the difference.

Marilyne's choice: "A beautiful dress to wear with black pumps and handbag and red nail polish."

  1. Is it comfortable?

There was a time when I could wear a pencil skirt, a bustier and heels and everything was perfect. Today, give me pants, a soft knit and flat boots, otherwise I'm sure I'll complain.

The definition of comfort is personal to everyone, hence the importance of clearly defining yours before buying a garment. Does the fabric sting? Is this the right size? Is it a fit you feel comfortable in? The more honest you are, the better your purchases will be.

Maori's choice: "For rainy Sundays, with a good movie and hot chocolate."

  1. Does it match my lifestyle?

Sometimes I see a super nice dress in a store and imagine myself dancing at a super cool party with Harry Styles.

Reality ? I'd rather be at home in my pajamas and binge-watch Selling Sunset .

No matter the occasion, you can wear whatever you want, as long as you feel good! My only advice: make sure you choose clothes that correspond to your daily life and not to an imaginary reality.

Laura's choice: “The best mix of comfort and style. An outfit I can wear to class, with Dr. Martens and a black beret.”

  1. Will I want to wear it on the same date next year?

Oh, the trends! They're so much fun, but my god they can cloud our judgment. Some last longer than others and we love these (example: high waisted pants). Others, on the other hand, die almost as quickly as they were born. Those, we like them less.

When a piece of clothing catches your eye, try to assess its potential for durability. Not if it'll be out next year (who cares!), but rather if you'll still want to wear it (or if its overexposure on Instagram will have left you feeling sick).

Mary's choice: “A winter comfort and chic look at the same time! It would be pretty with beige ankle boots that would go perfectly with this Roberto top.”

Joëlle Paquette for MARIGOLD

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