Marilyne with the receipt for the donation of $2,590 given to the Humanitarian Book on Thursday, December 10

For the second consecutive year, on the occasion of Black Friday, we continued our RESPONSIBLE FRIDAY movement in favor of conscious and local consumption. As a result, 25% of sales during that day were donated to the association Le Book Humanitaire.


More than ever, in this time of pandemic, we must promote local purchasing; mobilize ourselves and/or raise awareness about hyperconsumption. We strongly urge consumers to invest their money for a real cause by inviting them to choose eco-responsible and supportive clothing.

It is in this sense that at MARIGOLD we have renamed Black Friday by RESPONSIBLE FRIDAY. And this year 25% of the sales that day were donated to the Humanitarian Book, a foundation with which we have been associated since January 2019. This gesture helps to strengthen our attachment to an association that is close to our hearts and to raise more funds than in normal times to act. Throughout the year, we donate $1 to the association for each item of clothing sold. We were therefore able, thanks to all the customers who support and encourage us, to make a donation of $2,590 this Thursday, December 10.


With the pandemic, requests for help are on the rise and the members of the Le Book Humanitaire foundation, all volunteers, work 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to meet all needs. It is an emergency Foundation that acts on a case-by-case basis.

With the MARIGOLD donation (100% of the money donated is reinvested for people, there are zero administration costs) Le Book Humanitaire will be able to continue to supply the "self-service fridge" which provides meals to more than 200 homeless people per day. The Haltes Chaleur in Montreal will be able to continue to distribute hot water bottles for the hands and feet and to offer coats to those who do not have one. Le Book Humanitaire will also distribute more than 650 meal baskets for the Christmas holidays. These are just a few of the many actions that we list here, the foundation acts on all fronts.

We thank the MARIGOLD community without whom none of this would be possible. Together we give local fashion even more meaning.

Our meeting in January 2019 with Rachel Lapierre, the founder of the Book Humanitaire

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